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My dears,


I've decided to say good-bye to the Moon Letters that I've been sending out the past few years. What started as a personal fashion blog is transitioning now in projects that are dear to my heart and founded with the intention to create safe spaces for people to connect to their hearts and process their life experiences, so they can evolve, grow and keep questioning, so they can live in alignment with their highest Truth.


This new letter will be a simple, clear and short update on the month ahead of where you can click directly on what is calling you. You'll receive it on the first of each month and there will be 3-4 specials a year. I'd love to write more on this new platform and still brainstorming in what kind of form this will be. You'll also receive automatically the Gone Brave Woman's Guide to India - with personal tips from my 4 journeys to India (three of them alone and never in an organized group).


Thank you so much for connecting with me - no matter if just now or the past years. I appreciate it and want to keep creating things that are valuable and respect your time and presence. As this letter is a fresh start, please add your email and name above as I won't transfer inactive people that don't resonate anymore with the new message and concept.

If you have any inputs or would like to share something, email me to


Aleks Nikolic

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